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Under the Liberal Democrats leader, Ed Davey, their manifesto has 5 themes: 

  • A fair deal on the economy
  • A fair deal on public services 
  • A fair deal on the environment
  • A strong United Kingdom and a fair international order
  • A truly fair democracy

The slogan of ‘fair’ suggests policies that are devoid of discrimination and serve to benefit all. We unpick the key policies throughout the manifesto that directly impact the lives of Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic Britons. 

Jabeer Butt explains:

The Covid-19 pandemic provided further evidence of the persistence of racism with people of Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities being at greater risk of infection and dying as a result of infection. Children and young people from these communities emerged from the pandemic with greater risk of their education being negatively impacted and their families’ finances being more fragile, just as the cost-of-living crisis hit. If more evidence was needed for the urgency of action, the pandemic certainly provided it.

We have been calling for some time for a comprehensive race equality strategy and the Liberal Democrats commitment to this is welcome. Combining this with changes, such as the ending of the two-child limit to benefits and the commitment to a clean air act is welcome too.

What we hope is that all political parties will commit to investing in delivering change. It is only though this investment, which is likely to require change to the mission of the HM Treasury, that a race equality strategy will turn commitment into action.

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