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Welcome to SFSC: Stronger Relationships

Discover SFSC: Stronger Relationships, an evidence-based addition to our suite of SFSC programmes, designed to empower parents and caregivers. Our focus is to support families and strengthen connections through practical strategies. 

In recognising the diverse forms of families, including those with grandparents, single parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, and foster parents, we understand the challenges they face. Our goal is to equip co-parents, whether living together or apart, with effective conflict resolution tools, fostering enhanced family harmony and benefiting children’s experiences.

The SFSC: Stronger Relationships offers specialised support for families navigating external challenges, including new babies, racism, discrimination, immigration concerns, health issues, and more. Our co-parenting strategies aim to enhance relationships, positively impacting family dynamics, while considering various aspects, including race, gender, sexuality, and different types of parents.

Programme Features

SFSC: Stronger Relationships offers a comprehensive approach, combining online sessions, engaging workshops, and valuable resources. Co-parents can expect to learn effective communication, problem-solving skills, and conflict-resolution techniques and are taken through this process with a named facilitator.

 Our programme aims to improve relationships and create a positive impact on family life.


Participating in SFSC: Stronger Relationships can bring a range of benefits, such as healthier communication, a reduction in conflict, and improvements in overall well-being for both parents and children. 


Discover the real-life impact of SFSC: Stronger Relationships through testimonials from participants who have found value and positive change in their family life. Hear their stories and envision the potential transformation awaiting you.

  • “The course helped us understand our differences and to respect them.”
  • “It was useful to understand the cause of conflicts on a scale that was beyond our knowledge and understanding.”
  • “The facilitators made us feel safe, encouraged us to be ourselves, and stressed confidentiality. Thanks again for the place.”
  • “I now feel happier, more open, and more confident. I have learned more skills to input into my children’s relationships, and I met some lovely people.”

Flexible Format

  • 13-Week In-Person Course: This comprehensive experience focuses on fundamental aspects of parenting and co-parenting dynamics, covering topics such as understanding children’s needs, family dynamics, violence prevention, and emotional development.
  • 6-Week Online Course: Ideal for busy co-parents, this format provides a condensed yet impactful learning experience. Participants engage in self-study sessions, exploring critical aspects of reducing parental conflict, complemented by guided group discussions led by trained SFSC facilitators.

Both courses share a common goal — to equip participants with valuable skills, fostering healthy relationships within families.

The format is designed to fit both with preferences of parents (so options for online and in person) and whether parents need more intensive time focused on parenting alongside adult relationships.

Availability depends on local authorities priorities and service choices and whether SFSC delivery is offered in person by their own practitioners or only online through the SFSC team..

Expert Facilitators

Led by seasoned SFSC facilitators in parenting, conflict resolution, and family dynamics, including Bernadette, our Senior Parent Programme and Training Officer who designed and delivers this training to practitioners,  and Eleni Bloy, our Parental Conflict Lead. Meet our experts committed to supporting families in building stronger connections.

Curriculum and Topics Covered

Explore a curriculum addressing core aspects of effective parenting and conflict resolution, providing practical insights applicable to real-life situations. This includes:

  • understanding what conflict looks like
  • information to identify triggers and strategies to reduce this conflict
  • strategies to enhance all family  relationships 
  • effective communication strategies
  • tools to manage  stress and emotions 
  • what parenting agreements are and how they can help

Contact Information

For more information please contact or

Supplementary Resources

SFSC Facilitators can access additional resources through the RPC one day training, as well as via the RPC Parental Toolkit. 

Parents are provided with parent manuals and certificates of attendance.  

The Strengthening Parents website also has blogs and resources for parents to access.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What equipment is needed to access the online SFSC: Stronger Relationships programme?

The programme can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop as long as there is an internet connection

  • How much does it cost to join the SFSC: Stronger Relationships programmes?

Both programmes are completely free for co-parents to access

  • How much time do parents need to commit to SFSC: Stronger Relationships 

The in-person course is delivered in weekly 3-hour sessions. The 6-week online course comes in 2 parts: approximately 40 minutes of ‘self study’ (accessed and completed at any time) plus a 1-hour group discussion every week. Group discussions are scheduled on a ‘rolling basis’ between 9 am and 7 pm on weekdays. Parents choose a discussion group when they sign up and if necessary new groups can be scheduled according to a parent’s needs.

  • Is SFSC: Stronger Relationships for one or both co-parents?

Ideally, both co-parents or all caregivers around a child should attend SFSC: Stronger Relationships, so that they receive the same information and support. 

  • Are co-parents put into the same group?

Co-parents can be put in the same group if that is what they want. Similarly, we can ensure that co-parents are placed in different groups if that is preferred.

  • Is SFSC: Stronger Relationships suitable for parents who are involved in a case in the Family Court?

Yes. The programme can support co-parents before, during or after a case in the Family Court as long as co-parents want to try to communicate and there is no fear or risk of domestic abuse or coercive control (see below).  The programme can support co-parents to work towards a parenting plan and avoid the need to go to Family Court parenting plan

  • Is SFSC: Stronger Relationships suitable for co-parents where there has been domestic abuse or coercive control in the relationship?

Due to the conflict resolution techniques which the programme introduces, SFSC: Stronger Relationships will not be suitable for co-parents where there has been or continues to be domestic abuse or the use of power and control and one co-parent is afraid of the other. If in doubt, contact the team for guidance at

  • How will a professional referrer know if a parent has registered for the SFSC: Stronger Relationships programme?

We collect data on how a parent heard about the programme and where they live. This means that we can give feedback to parents who have registered for the programme either through the organisation or Local Authority referrer. In accordance with our GDPR responsibilities, we will seek individual parent’s consent to share any information which might identify them.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are our priorities at the Race Equality Foundation. SFSC: Stronger Relationships is conducted in a safe and confidential environment.