NHS England

In April 2021, the Race Equality Foundation was commissioned by NHS England (NHSE) to do a deep dive impact assessment into race, ethnicity and religion for NHSE’s Health & Justice Inclusive Workforce Programme.

NHSE Health & Justice commissions healthcare for children, young people and adults across secure and detained settings.

The Race Equality Foundation made recommendations for the Inclusive Workforce Programme, health and justice regional commissioners and service providers. 

We also put together a training package to help Health & Justice service providers create a more positive work environment looking at microaggressions, prejudice and unconscious bias and how they can impact people.  The training will also help Health and Justice services to meet the recommendations and understand the issues raised by frontline staff in our research.

Health and Justice poster

Click here for the training slides

Click here for the trainer notes including a summary of the deep dive.

For any questions, contact Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy & Practice Officer: tracey@racefound.org.uk