Recording of ethnicity project


The Race Equality Foundation has been commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to undertake engagement work with Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, as well as healthcare professionals, in order to gain a better insight into the collection of data on ethnicity. 

Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated a disproportionate impact in terms of deaths and infection on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, there have been problems identified with the accuracy or completeness of the recording of ethnicity. Alongside this, there are wider public debates on the collective terms used to describe communities who experience racism. 

Often, one individual can be recorded as a differing ethnic group between different health related data sets. As well as this, there are many individuals who are simply coded as ‘Other’. Questions have been raised surrounding the consistency and completeness of ethnicity data sets, as the compromised quality of ethnic data undermines what the data can be used for.

Through working directly with communities and people tasked with recording ethnicity, this project aims to explore how individuals are asked about their ethnicity and how this is in turn recorded. We hope to gain a greater understanding about the experience of ethnicity recording for both patients and healthcare practitioners and use this information to produce solutions to improve the quality of ethnicity recording and contribute to addressing health inequalities. 

This project will run from January – June 2022. 

For further information about this project, please contact Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy & Practice Officer, Race Equality Foundation