Published On: 22 February 2023Tags: ,

The Foundation is pleased to release a report today as part of the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance on key actions health and care leaders can take to reduce inequalities when developing an approach with a digital component.

The shift to digital in health and care has changed how we all access health services, making it easier for some and more difficult for others; and there are many factors that can put some people at risk of digital exclusion.

This resource highlights five key actions policy makers, commissioners and providers can make to help reduce inequality:

  1. Put choice and personalisation at the centre of all your work
  2. Ensure all elements of your work are accessible and inclusive
  3. Ensure co-production in your work with people living with ill health, disability and those at risk of exclusion
  4. Work to achieve parity of access, experience and quality between digitally enabled and non-digitally enabled care
  5. Invest in support for people experiencing digital exclusion

We hope that the key actions in this resource are helpful for tackling inequality and disadvantage when using digital tools. Read the full report here.