Published On: 23 December 2021

In response to the Women’s Health Strategy Vision Document published by the Government, Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy & Practice Officer at the Race Equality Foundation said:

“The national approach to women’s health is in dire need of transformation. It’s clear that ethnicity has a huge influence on women’s health experiences and outcomes, which must no longer be ignored. This Vision Document importantly acknowledges some of the existing inequalities, particularly around pregnancy and mental health.

“Our focus groups with women over 60 and those of childbearing age from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities have highlighted a number of issues, from accessible information, to racism and a lack of trust, to the need for more awareness amongst health services on specific health conditions that disproportionately affect Black and ethnic minority communities, and how to treat people affected.

“We stand ready to provide strategic input from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities into the long-term Women’s Health strategy, to ensure it steps up support for women from these communities, who for too long have been neglected.”


Notes to editors

1. About the Race Equality Foundation

The Race Equality Foundation is a national charity tackling racial inequality across public services to improve the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Its areas of work cover health and care, housing, children and families, employment, communities and more.

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