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Race Equality Foundation responds to Government’s Inclusive Britain strategy

Commenting on the Government’s response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic DisparitiesJabeer Butt OBE, CEO of the Race Equality Foundation said: 

“After pouring fuel on the fire with the publication of the Sewell report, we hoped that the Government’s response would be more considered.  Much of what has been publicly briefed feels like being served two day-old porridge, with initiatives such as the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities being announced again. 

 “However, the detail of the report continues the attack on evidence of racism and racial inequality. For example, the response challenges the evidence on disproportionate stopping and searching of Black men, by suggesting that it is the result of small populations in some areas and large populations in other areas, as though these factors have not been accounted for by existing analysis. It is difficult to see how the recommendations detailed here will lead to systemic change, if the Government continues to argue racism is not the cause of inequalities experienced by Britain’s Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.”


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2About the Race Equality Foundation

The Race Equality Foundation is a national charity tackling racial inequality across public services to improve the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Its areas of work cover health and care, housing, children and families, employment, communities and more.