Published On: 21 October 2022
Tracey Bignall, Senior Policy & Practice Officer at the Race Equality Foundation and member of the Expert Panel of the Racial Justice Inquiry into Maternity Care led by Birthrights said: 

“It’s a tragedy that little progress seems to have been made on serious inequalities in maternity care. We are particularly concerned that removing the 2024 target effectively means continuity of care has been scrapped as a way of reducing inequalities in maternal mortality.

“We know that this is largely due to the recruitment crisis in midwifery, but instead of tackling this problem head on, it appears to have been swept under the carpet. We continue to see evidence of disproportionate deaths, with Black women more likely to be readmitted in the 6-week postpartum period than women of other ethnicities.

“It’s crucial that the state of care is not continually left to deteriorate by the Government. Action is needed urgently.”


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2. CQC State of Care report can be found here.

3. About the Race Equality Foundation

The Race Equality Foundation is a national charity tackling racial inequality across public services to improve the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. We do this by:

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The Foundation was established in 1987 as part of the National Institute for Social Work and was known as the Race Equality Unit. It became an independent charitable organisation in 1995, and in 2006, changed its name to the Race Equality Foundation.

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