Published On: 11 May 2023Tags: , , , ,

As part of the Everyone’s Environment coalition of partners, the Race Equality Foundation is pleased to support NPC today, on the release of the first in a series of briefings for funders, charities and policy-makers on how environmental change and policies are affecting. This briefing is on young people; other briefings will follow on older people, disabled people, and people from ethnic minority communities.

This first briefing outlines the impacts of a changing environment on young people and found that:

  • There is an abundance of evidence for how environmental crises will harm young people’s physical and mental health, but there is also evidence that young people’s education, development, and income will be hindered as well. 
  • Young people on low incomes in the UK are more likely to be affected by the changing environment than their more affluent peers. 
  • Young people from ethnic minority communities and disabled young people are disproportionately represented in low-income households and will therefore be more affected.

You can read the briefing in full here.