The Race Equality Foundation tackles racial inequality across public services by:

  • Exploring what is known about discrimination and disadvantage
  • Developing evidenced-based better practice to promote equality
  • Disseminating better practice through educational activities, conferences, written material and websites
  • Working with national and local partners from the community, voluntary, statutory and social enterprise sectors

Key areas of our work span health and social care, housing, communities, children and families and more. Find out more about each area of work.

Health & Care

Find out more about our work on health, well-being, and social care through our Better Health briefings and a range of other projects and reports

Children & Families

Find out more about our work on safeguarding, adoption, and family support through our projects, including the evidenced based SFSC programme


Find award winning work on housing, including our range of Better Housing briefings and a range of resources on ethnic disparities within the housing market


Explore resources and commentary on a range of issues including criminal justice, poverty and economic disadvantage, and the wider environment

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