Published On: 20 October 2023Tags: , , ,

The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) annual assessment of the state of health and adult social care finds that many people’s experience of care is unfair.

The CQC has exposed the unfortunate reality of many people’s health and social care experiences in England. It paints a disappointing picture of the unfairness many people encounter while seeking care.

Last year, the CQC uncovered disparities within the healthcare system. This year’s report underscores that these inequalities continue to plague the system. It’s a dire situation where some individuals are disproportionately burdened by unequal access and experiences when using health and care services.

Access to quality healthcare in England remains a persistent problem. Shockingly, there are still countless people who are being denied the safe, high-quality care that they rightly deserve. This ingrained inequality, especially affecting ethnic minority groups, casts shadow over this report and remains a pressing concern.

The Race Equality Foundation has uncovered three critical areas of racial health inequality from the report that demands immediate attention and action:

  1. Maternal Health Care
  2. Long Term Conditions
  3. Workforce Exploitation and Abuse

The State of Care report is the CQC’s annual assessment of health care and social care in England. The report looks at trends, shares examples of good and outstanding care, and highlights where care needs to improve.

Read the report here, and the Race Equality Foundation’s response on maternity care, long term conditions, and workforce exploitation.