Published On: 6 March 2024Tags: , ,

Another missed opportunity on race equality

“This budget represents yet another missed opportunity by the government to seriously tackle the deep-seated inequality gripping our society. Despite some welcome small steps such as additional funds for childcare and certain benefits, these measures are not enough to address the widespread challenges facing far too many families.

“The Chancellor’s failure to adequately invest in essential services, coupled with cuts that disproportionately affect marginalised communities, especially Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups, underscores the government’s lack of commitment to addressing systemic inequalities.

“We need substantial investment in our public services – without this, hardship and racial inequality is exacerbated. With soaring living costs and persistent economic uncertainties, the government’s lack of willingness to implement bold, long-term solutions only serves to deepen inequality and entrench structural injustices. This budget reflects a concerning lack of ambition and commitment to building a fairer, more inclusive society for all.”