Published On: 19 March 2024Tags: , ,

The latest NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) figures have been released. We welcome moves in a positive direction for improvement in workforce diversity and wellbeing. However, there is still much more that needs to be done.

This latest Standard, sheds a light on ongoing issues of discrimination and underscores the need for immediate attention to address entrenched biases affecting patients and staff.

Despite some positive developments, such as an increase in representation of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people in senior roles, progress remains slow and insufficient.

Reports reveal disparities in hiring practices, with White applicants being favoured over their Black, Asian, and minority ethnic counterparts. Additionally, only two out of five Black employees feel their NHS trust offers equal opportunities for career advancement.

The harassment and mistreatment faced by Black, Asian, and minority ethnic, as well as disabled, staff members is also concerning. A significant proportion of disabled staff report experiencing abuse from patients or the public—a trend that has persisted over the past five years.

Addressing these issues is critical. The NHS must accelerate efforts to combat discrimination and implement effective anti-racist strategies. Creating an inclusive and respectful workplace environment is paramount for the well-being of staff and the integrity of healthcare delivery.

Read the report summary here.