Published On: 16 October 2023Tags: , , ,

We were pleased to attend the Labour Party conference in Liverpool this year to highlight race inequality across a number of events.

As part of Health Equals, we sent an urgent message at Conference to make a positive difference to society’s health and wellbeing. Alongside 27 other members of Health Equals, we flew a message above Liverpool, to Get Well Soon Britain, urging the government to prioritise the building blocks of health in everything they do, and calling for a Bill of Health.

Jabeer Butt, Race Equality Foundation Chief Executive, throughout the event explained how racism is the key driver of ethnic inequalities in health. This isn’t right but it can be changed if we have a national strategy to close this ethnic health inequality gap.


Across the days we were at Conference, Jabeer joined discussion at a roundtable event for Health Equals and Global Action Plan to talk about the relationship between air pollution and racial health inequalities.

Jabeer outlined many of the thoughts he expressed in his Third Sector podcast recently where he talked about clean air and how the climate crisis combined with wider inequality is impacting Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Some of these themes Jabeer also drew out when talking as part of the Everyone’s Environment collaboration. He joined with NPC and policy makers for a discussion on the role of charities in society and the economy, and shared what we think policy makers should know – in particular, findings from our latest Everyone’s Environment report.

It was a productive few days and we’ll continue to keep spreading our messages on how to reduce race inequality to all policy makers.