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MRN publish Know Your Rights guide for migrants

Migrants’ Rights Network has recently launched a Know Your Rights guide for migrants to help migrants understand and assert their rights in a context where these are being systematically eroded and routinely denied.

The pocket guide is a collaboration between several organisations who work to defend and promote the rights of migrants, and who routinely witness the brutal impact of harsh policies on migrants’ lived experiences. MRN has worked with Against Borders for Children (ABC), Doctors of the World UK, Liberty, North East London Migrant Action and Project 17, who have authored specific sections relating to rights in 8 key areas of everyday life: banking, driving, education, employment, health, housing, social services, and the detention and deportation of homeless EU nationals.

The guide has been written for all migrants living in the UK. It will be particularly useful for people without documents and those trying to regularise their immigration status, including asylum seekers. MRN have aimed to make this guide comprehensive and informative, as well as easy to use and have moved away from the dry and euphemistically hostile language of immigration rules, instead communicating in a way that marks respect and solidarity, in addition to being readable by people for whom English is a second language.

Download Know Your Rights