You vaping consultation
Published On: 16 October 2023Tags: , , ,

The government has launched a public consultation seeking views on plans to crack down on youth vaping by reducing the appeal, affordability and availability of vapes to children.

The consultation is open to anyone, of any age, in the UK and includes proposals to restrict child-friendly flavours and bright coloured packaging.

Selling vapes to children is already illegal, but it is clear from recent statistics that vapes are too often targeted at children with the promotion of cheap, colourful and sweet flavours commonplace. This is despite the addictive nature of nicotine and the long-term harms of vapes being unknown. Nicotine vapes in particular can be highly addictive and withdrawal causes anxiety, trouble concentrating and headaches.

People have eight weeks to share their experiences and opinions and help shape future policy on vaping and smoking, with the consultation closing at 23:59 on 6th December 2023.

Read the annoucement here, the policy proposals here and the consultation document here.