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We are delighted to have supported the development of the report ‘earning-trust-a-foundation-for-health-equity.’ The report is part of A Million Conversations, an international initiative by Sanofi to rebuild under-represented groups’ trust in health systems.’

Written by The Health Policy Partnership with guidance from Jabeer Butt and other members of the A Million Conversations Advisory Group, the report addresses four main principles: understanding, inclusion, transparent communication, and data generation.

It looks at how leaders can create health systems that are more equitable, more trustworthy, and better suited to serve the needs of, and improve outcomes for, people from under-represented groups. For us, it was essential to provide a voice for Britain’s Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities, as our research shows an often neglected experience across the healthcare system.

Trust is the most valuable commodity in a health system. When someone seeks diagnosis, treatment or care, they entrust their health to others. Because of a history of being underserved or discriminated against, some members of under-represented groups avoid health systems, forgo care, and seek alternative sources of information/care.

Jabeer Butt OBE, CEO of the Race Equality Foundation notes:

Trust is now recognised as one of the wider determinants of health. We are also increasingly recognising that the experience of racism often undermines people of Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic backgrounds trust in working with or accessing health care. Anything that we can do to stop trust being broken and help rebuild it is welcome and this report’s focus should be a valuable contribution.

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