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  • 24May

    Going international: Training practitioners from Bangladesh

    Bernadette Rhoden, Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) lead trainer, worked with a group of practitioners last week who had flown to the UK from Bangladesh, with support from Eduprompt ( a UK based agency)  in order to become SFSC facilitators.   This was the culmination of work over the last 12 months between the Foundation  and […]

  • 24May

    Christie Garner: Joining the Race Equality Foundation

    I’m thrilled to be joining the team as a Policy and Practice Officer. I’m already familiar with Race Equality Foundation through collaboration on my PhD research, looking at young people’s experiences of the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) parenting programme. The research has come about because we know that the articulation of goals and outcomes […]

  • 10May

    New programme to help parents manage conflict

    The Race Equality Foundation’s Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) team have been running a programme of work around family conflict and, in particular, conflict between those in parenting/caring roles. This has included our Public Health England-funded Reducing Parental Conflict Toolkit; and training and resources for SFSC facilitators to integrate into delivery of the 13 week […]

  • 10May

    Young Fathers in Prison – Getting Involved in Shaping New Research

    I recently started as the Research Assistant on the Fathers Together study, where we want to understand the needs and experiences of young fathers in prison, particularly those who are from Black, Asian or minority ethnic groups. Our study is funded for two years and at the end, we want to have co-developed a parenting […]

  • 26Apr

    Guest blog: Free School Meals for those affected by No Recourse to Public Funds

    The No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Action Group, facilitated by the migrants rights charity Praxis, campaigns to end No Recourse to Public Funds and is formed of people with lived experience of the policy and the immigration system. It was an amazing moment when, as we were in a meeting together honing our public […]

  • 26Apr

    Guest blog:  “Everybody in” changes so that those with No Recourse to Public Funding are back outside

    Hastings and Eastbourne are linked towns within East Sussex affected, like most coastal communities, by ongoing concerns with street homelessness. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, local statutory and voluntary sector agencies were already working together to try and address the situation and the numbers of individuals who were rough sleeping in both towns had greatly reduced. […]

  • 12Apr

    Marking the second anniversary of lockdown: Jabeer Butt OBE

    How to mark the second anniversary of the March 23 2020 Government announcement that the country would go into lockdown?  Perhaps by remembering the many family, friends and colleagues who passed as a result of a COVID infection.  But many of these people are remembered every day because of the daily reminders of people we […]

  • 12Apr

    Blog: How does the Government’s denial of institutional racism affect the way ethnic health inequalities will be addressed in this country?

    The Government has recently presented to Parliament its response to the Sewell report. The Government’s response, titled Inclusive Britain, is an Action Plan with a set of measures linked to the findings from the Sewell report. When released in March 2021, the Sewell report came under heavy criticism, primarily due to the outright denial of […]

  • 29Mar

    Blog: The intersectionality of culture, nature and wellbeing of minoritised groups in the UK

    My years of working in the environmental field and doing research among minoritised communities in the UK have brought some key issues to light. What has emerged from my research is that the realm of the natural environment in the UK, the intersectionality of diverse cultures and how these impact on mental health and wellbeing […]

  • 29Mar

    Blog: New SFSC Advance Skills Training in Parental Conflict

    Exposure to frequent and poorly resolved conflict between parents is associated with a range of problems for children and young people. These can include sustained dangerous coping strategies, including the misuse of drugs and alcohol, poor academic outcomes and difficulties maintaining healthy peer and/or romantic relationships.  Supporting families early so that conflict doesn’t lead to […]

  • 15Mar

    Fathers Together: Supporting young fathers in prison

    There are around 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales and recent estimates suggest that 54% are parents. Imprisonment affects the whole family, where having a father in prison increases the likelihood of antisocial behaviour, delinquency and being involved themselves in the criminal justice system. Young men in prison are a vulnerable group with histories of […]

  • 1Mar

    Farah Mgaieth: Joining the Race Equality Foundation

    How my journey towards becoming a clinical psychologist in the future has led me to this great opportunity to join the Race Equality Foundation team as Research Assistant…. I have always been drawn to different cultures and languages, and believed it was important for me to gain a deeper understanding of different cultural perspectives in […]

  • 15Feb

    How can we best support parents from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities?

    Many of you will have been asked by us over the last few weeks to share information about and encourage Black, Asian and minority ethnic families you work with to take part in the Speak Out survey. The Race Equality Foundation is working in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation and Action for Children, and […]

  • 25Jan

    Working through grief: Eleni Bloy

    The pain of losing a person we love is immense. The finality of death is absolute and unchangeable and our world becomes surreal and unfamiliar without our loved one. Emotionally, we can experience feelings of shock, denial, overwhelming sadness, anger and hopelessness.  How can Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) help us work through this grief […]

  • 25Jan

    Guest blog: Five things I learnt about inclusive patient involvement and policy development from the Race Equality Foundation

    Cardiovascular disease is a disease of inequality. Too often, things like where you live, your income, your background, your ethnicity, and your gender determine your chance of developing – and dying from – cardiovascular conditions. With heart and circulatory diseases accounting for a quarter of deaths in the UK every year, these are large, persistent […]

  • 21Dec

    Maya Bharal: Why the Race Equality Foundation?

    I’m pleased to be joining the Race Equality Foundation as a Research Administrator. A little bit about me… Before joining, I completed an undergraduate degree in English Literature and American Studies at the University of Manchester (2020), and then completed the GDL Law Conversion course in 2021 – all during the pandemic! My areas of […]

  • 7Dec

    Project update: Improving parenting support in Lambeth and Southwark

    The Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) team have been involved in an innovative project over the last three months to explore how we might continue to improve the uptake and impact of parenting programmes in Lambeth and Southwark, supported by the local funder, Impact on Urban Health (IOUH).  The work has been facilitated by Shift […]

  • 7Dec

    Guest blog: Breaking down the effects of the Nationality and Borders Bill

    Seventy years ago, the UK’s leaders helped design a system that would ensure people fleeing persecution could cross borders and rebuild lives in safety in another country. The 1951 Refugee Convention was born in between two wars, one hot, one cold. Minority groups were jailed, oppressed and murdered on an unimaginable scale in the Second […]

  • 7Dec

    Guest blog: The racist ‘Right to Rent’ policy must be scrapped, once and for all

    Over the past three years, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has been involved in legal action against the UK Government’s discriminatory Right to Rent policy, which makes it harder for British ethnic minorities and migrants to rent a home in the UK. Leigh Day Solicitors (the same legal team who represented […]

  • 24Nov

    Parenting: the journey ahead

    I have now been an accredited Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) facilitator for around three years, having delivered numerous face-to-face programmes and more than 50 online programmes! Training to become a facilitator began a journey that led me to join the Race Equality Foundation as a member of staff where I have been leading work […]