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New briefing on housing for black and minority ethnic older people

Race Equality Foundation and Housing LIN have published a new briefing on housing for black and minority ethnic older people.

The briefing, written by Dr Nigel de Noronha, finds that black and minority ethnic people experience greater levels of housing deprivation as they age. This ‘cumulative
disadvantage’ is evident in lower property assets, employment and tenure patterns, particularly for those aged 50-64. For example,

  • Lower rates of home ownership for black and minority ethnic groups aged 50-64 compared to those aged 65 and over suggest housing deprivation will increase over time
  • Older people in routine jobs or unemployed were more likely to experience housing deprivation.
  • Housing deprivation is more likely for those who have come to the UK recently.
  • Living with a partner mitigates the effect of housing deprivation for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi older people whilst the protective effect for white other people is no longer apparent for those aged 65 or over.

You can download the full briefing here.