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Support and Care for People Living with Dementia from Minority Communities’


Diversity and inclusiveness in dementia : listening event report, Salford, Salford Institute for Dementia


Wake Up London! – The case for a London regional investment strategy to develop appropriate information and services for black, Asian and minority ethnic people living with dementia


What do we know about the attitudes, experiences and needs of Black and minority ethnic carers of people with dementia in the United Kingdom? A systematic review of empirical research findings

Black & minority ethnic older people – health and social care

Perceptions of dementia and use of services in minority ethnic communities: a scoping exercise

Gearing up Housing Associations’ responses to tenants with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups

APPG (2013) Dementia does not discriminate: The experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

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Literature Review: Dementia in Gypsy and Traveller Communities             


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Pavee Point and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, Republic of Ireland


  • An information poster about the signs and symptoms of dementia was produced for use by primary health care workers for the Traveller Community
  • As a result of the training from The Society perspective we understood more about the resources that are needed to improve awareness about dementia in the Traveller Community but also a deeper understanding of the needs of Travellers and the issues they are faced with


Hodges, N., Cemlyn, S., (2013) The Accommodation Experiences of Older Gypsies and Travellers: Personalisation of Support and Coalition Policy, Social Policy and Society, Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2013, p.p. 205-219,


In the press

Alzheimer’s Society (2015) ‘A family who changed their travelling lifestyle to help support a father with dementia’ January 2015.

The Telegraph (2012) ‘Nurse faces sack for ‘cutting gypsy’s hair’’ (sic) 7th February 2012.


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