Published On: 15 September 2020Tags:

The Race Equality Foundation is supporting the Carers Trust to help them improve support for carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will deliver three main activities to improve skills and knowledge to help carers services feel confident and competent in supporting black, Asian and minority ethnic carers.  We will:

  • Produce an evidence-based briefing on black, Asian and minority ethnic carers’ experience of support and support services, including examples of better practice.
  • Host an online webinar covering a number of issues including exploring challenges faced by this group of carers and outline key strategies and tasks that carers services could do to identify and support carers from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.
  • We will deliver a targeted workshop to address specific barriers or issues identified by staff from 2-4 carers services working with carers from these communities to help improve their practice.

The project is being delivered between October and December 2020. For further information on this work, please contact Tracey Bignall, email