Supporting parents to tackle extremism and the radicalisation of young people

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This one day workshop examines the violence prevention aspects of the SFSC programme and how they can meet the needs of families living in areas affected by radicalisation and extremism and ensure their group parenting work supports parents to tackle extremism and the radicalisation of young people.

Facilitators will be shown how to use the SFSC curriculum to address issues of extremism and radicalisation, by linking to the core SFSC aim of promoting healthy violence free communities.  Emphasis will be placed on the role of parents in safeguarding children.

All participants will receive detailed guidance notes to supplement the existing curriculum and other resources including additional slides.

The workshop aims to:

  • explore the evidence on community violence, including radicalisation
  • explore the impact of violence upon families and relationships, from both a historical and contemporary perspective
  • share good practice when safeguarding and promoting a violence-free lifestyle
  • overcome the challenges facilitators may encounter when discussing these issues
  • boost facilitator confidence in delivering SFSC, even when facing opposition from parents, practitioners or their own values
  • work through the written resource and relevant slides to ensure easy use when delivery programmes

Qualifications and experience needed

This course is intended for practitioners who have previously completed the five day SFSC training programme.

Format of the day

This one day course will include presentations of research evidence, opportunities for individuals to reflect upon possible practical and strategic developments in their own work, exploration of dedicated written resources.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • confidently support parents when discussing, addressing and reflecting upon issues relating to radicalisation and violent extremism
  • share evidence around risk and prevention
  • work with parents who may be uncomfortable or confrontational when discussing their experiences of violence and violence prevention
  • feel confident in using the subject specific written resources with the existing curriculum

Benefits of the day

  • up-to-date, relevant and evidence-based information
  • taking home a copy of the film and written resource
  • expert trainers
  • opportunities for reflection
  • meeting others, often from different agencies but with shared interests
  • using learning for continuous professional development

This training will be delivered online.

Cost of Course: £150


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