We produce resources and briefings on a range of community-focused issues, including criminal justice, poverty and economic disadvantage, and the wider environment.

Arts and well being

Arts for wellbeing

This project was initiated as a result of conversations between Race Equality Foundation, Flourishing Lives, and HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network.

Race equality collaboratives

Race equity collaboratives

The Race Equality Foundation is leading a set of collaborations to develop an evidence-led narrative and make practical recommendations.


  • 25Jun

    Producing Injustice: Progressive Review

    Conclusions by the Independent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities undermined the role of racism in 21st century Britain, against the weight of evidence and lived experience. The articles in this edition of IPPR Progressive Review, guest edited by Race on the Agenda and Jabeer Butt our CE, give an alternative account of racial disparities. Taken as a […]

  • 11May

    Employment Briefing Paper

    We have recently published our Employment Briefing Paper. The brief is by Josh Holden, Research Analyst, New Policy Institute and Carla Ayrton, Senior Researcher, New Policy Institute. It examines the impact of Covid-19 on current employment for Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and on future employment opportunities post pandemic. “BAME workers as a group are […]

  • 29Mar

    New research on the impact of welfare reforms

    For some time now the Foundation have been raising concerns about the impact of welfare reform on black and minority ethnic families. Our 2011 briefing highlighted issues around child poverty, family size, unemployment, and under-claiming, and how these meant black and minority ethnic families would be disproportionally affected by the reforms. Our 2016 briefing looked […]

  • 29Nov

    Universal credit and impact on black and minority ethnic communities

    Universal Credit (UC) is a means–tested, single payment for working age adults, delivered monthly to a single member of the household and paid in arrears (DWP, 2015a). The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) emphasises that although the tax credit cuts will no longer occur, spending within UC will be less (Institute of Fiscal Studies, 2015). […]

  • 17Nov

    ‘Race’, racism and participation in sport

    This briefing outlines three propositions in what is an increasingly complex field of theory, policy and practice: ‘Race’ and ethnicity influence the way sport is accessed and experienced; Responses to racial disparities and discrimination require coherent and specific approaches at multiple levels (individual, organisational, structural); Race equality policies require clear thought but implementation needs thoughtful […]

  • 4Nov

    Overcoming barriers to registering as an organ donor among minority ethnic groups

    This paper explores the reasons for the lower rates of organ donor registration among black and minority ethnic groups by reviewing relevant UK literature and drawing on findings from a community study of the Donation, Ethnicity and Transplantation (DonaTE) Programme. The community study comprised of 22 focus groups drawn from Nigerian, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani and […]

  • 24May

    Linking black and minority ethnic organisations with mainstream homeless service providers

    This paper argues that homelessness service provision to black and minority ethnic communities should be informed by in-depth knowledge and understanding of the causes, manifestations and perceptions of homelessness, and should address the significant barriers these communities face when accessing homelessness services. The paper also highlights significant differences between black and minority ethnic and mainstream […]

  • 24Feb

    Harnessing the talents of marginalised communities

    This paper encourages social housing providers to forge meaningful relationships with refugee community organisations and others right from the start. Emphasising the importance of an equal partnership in strategy and decision making, the briefing also highlights the positive role that independent parties can play in brokering these relations by helping community organisations to harness their […]

  • 24Apr

    Refugee community organisations: Working in partnership to improve access to housing services

    Housing services for refugees are better targeted and delivered when refugee community organisations (RCOs) are involved as partners: this means involving them at an early stage and providing ongoing support. Recruiting and training refugee community researchers can also empower community members, by allowing them to take ownership of the research agenda Key messages: Housing services […]

  • 26Mar

    Rural minority ethnic experiences: housing and health

    This briefing examines the experience of black and minority ethnic service users based in rural areas. With most black and minority ethnic groups traditionally based in urban settings, potential barriers to access and use of services consistently emerge in rural contexts, including poor access to advice and information; language and communication difficulties; and lack of […]


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