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Call for evidence: Parental conflict

Evidence has shown that non-violent conflict between parents which is ‘frequent, intense and poorly resolved’ can be harmful to children in the short and long term: negatively affecting emotional development, learning and achievement and their own ability to form healthy relationships.

We are working with the Association of Mental Health Providers and Men’s Health Forum to produce a learning resource for public health nurses and other professionals working with families. The aim is to reduce the negative impact of parental conflict on children and young people.

Whilst there is a significant body of evidence that demonstrates the importance of sensitive, attuned parenting in promoting a secure environment for children, there are still gaps in our understanding. We want to hear from people and organisations who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and understanding including first person accounts about parental conflict from people with experience of living and working with this issue as well as from young people.  We are also keen to learn about strategies and interventions that have been put into practice, with or without success.

Read our full Call for Evidence report here.

View our parental conflict brochure.

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If you would like to know more about this project, or to arrange a telephone or video call appointment to share evidence, please get in touch with Eleni Bloy | eleni.sfsc@racefound.org.uk or on 07708 360561