Published On: 14 June 2024

Father’s Day can be particularly challenging for fathers who have limited or no access to their children. These fathers often struggle with feelings of loss and frustration, yearning to be involved in their children’s lives. Supporting these fathers is crucial, especially around Father’s Day, by encouraging ways to maintain and strengthen or to commence their bond from a distance. Small but meaningful gestures, like video calls, sending letters, or even recording bedtime stories, can help sustain their connection and show their enduring love.

It’s also important to recognise the challenges single mothers face who strive to keep fathers involved in their children’s lives. Despite their best efforts, some mothers encounter disinterest or absence from their childs father, leaving them to shoulder the parenting responsibilities alone. These mothers deserve acknowledgment and support for their resilience and dedication.

Balancing support for fathers who wish to be involved with an understanding of the realities faced by mothers requires sensitivity and compassion. Both fathers and mothers play crucial roles in their children’s lives, and supporting them, especially during emotionally charged times like Father’s Day, benefits everyone involved.