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Celestine Agbo is running this year’s London Marathon for the Race Equality Foundation

Celestine is a great supporter and advocate of the Race Equality Foundation’s work. He was part of the original pilot parent training programme, when Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) was first developed and designed. 

Celestine then adapted the SFSC programme specifically for fathers and delivered training to parents in South London. His courses helped countless numbers of parents who had not had much contact with their children to develop positive relationships by exploring and enhancing their relationships with their children and other family members.

Celestine has always been a community activist: a social worker for local authorities, working for children’s charities such as NSPCC, Childline and Place2Be, and working as a counsellor independently, and within schools. He knows firsthand what early intervention can do to help support families. Positive parenting in a child’s life can have a real impact, from academic success to lifelong good health. Conversely, adverse experiences in childhood often correlate with negative outcomes, perpetuating cycles of inequality. 

The SFSC programme is specifically aimed at minority ethnic families, and transcends cultural barriers, empowering parents to reflect on their values and parenting practices. Despite evolving government policies, SFSC has stood the test of time, continuing to bridge gaps and fostering resilience in diverse communities, including with marginalised and teenage parents.

Celestine said:

“SFSC is such a cool programme that helps families enormously. It’s all about being a great parent and making sure kids have amazing lives. SFSC is super inclusive and works with families from all backgrounds, especially those who might need a bit more support. It helps parents think about their culture and how it shapes their parenting. Even with all the changes happening in the world, SFSC makes a real difference, especially for families facing tough times.

“And guess what? Studies show SFSC really works. Don’t just take my word for it. Regular reviews highlight its effectiveness in enhancing parental wellbeing. It makes parents happier, improves relationships, and stops parents from using harsh punishments. Also, the programme’s adaptability is evident as it extends its reach to new areas, including young men in prison.

“With wider society still grappling with many entrenched inequalities, I truly feel that SFSC is a beacon of hope, levelling the playing field and equipping families with the tools for a brighter future.”


You can help Celestine to support more of what we do by viewing and sharing his fundraising page and encouraging people to donate here.