Published On: 10 May 2022

The Race Equality Foundation’s Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) team have been running a programme of work around family conflict and, in particular, conflict between those in parenting/caring roles. This has included our

Some of these initiatives have been part of the Challenge Fund Project.

Reducing Parental Conflict Online Course – Now free until December 2024!

Parents can sign up here!

Drawing on the strengths-based approach of the SFSC curriculum and our experience of supporting parents for more than twenty years as well as the learning from our online SFSC offer, we have developed two online courses that support parents to understand, address and deal with parental conflict. One for parents/carers who live together but find themselves in conflict, and one for parents who want to co-parent but do not live under the same roof.

Both of these courses run over a six-week period. They consist of:

  • six sessions of individualised learning
  • six facilitated group sessions delivered by an experienced member of the SFSC team

Parents can complete the individual session at any time they wish, and will have a choice of times (including evenings) for their group discussions. These courses can be completed on a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. The group discussion will check on learning, address current issues that participants are facing and offer responsive practical support and strategies. In between sessions, participants will receive reminders of their upcoming sessions and contact with their facilitator to check on their progress.

Parents complete an online pre and post test questionnaire so that we can measure the changes that take place. They also receive an electronic parent book and a certificate at the end of the course. We can also provide a weekly update on progress of participants through the course to a commissioning agency or local authority RPC lead.

We have a number of leaflets that you can share explaining the key features of the programme and telling parents more about how to sign up.

Leandra Box

Leandra Box is Programme Manager at the Race Equality Foundation.