Published On: 7 March 2023

I’m excited to have joined the Race Equality Foundation as a Research Assistant. I am currently working on the racism and trauma project. Before joining the team, I completed my Masters in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies. In my Masters, I investigated the representation of British Muslim women in popular culture and how the concept of ethnic and cultural difference is presented in British society. Following my studies, I worked for the National Centre for Social Research and carried out social research. I also have a background in the charity sector, having worked with the National Literacy Trust to help young people and families in my community to access literacy and educational events and resources.


My main project at the Foundation is on racism and trauma, and I will be supporting other programmes and activities. My project on racism and trauma is a partnership with the charity Barnardo’s, to focus on the impact of racism, trauma and intergenerational trauma on Black, Asian and minority ethnic children, young people and families.


I believe this research is important because evidence shows that Black, Asian and minority ethnic children and young people are at a greater risk of experiencing trauma, but their needs and experiences have not been at the centre of enquiry. I intend to co-produce research with young people, and I believe that this research will provide new evidence and guidance on this topic. I also hope that this will allow us to develop effective community based interventions that will enable minority ethnic families to develop skills such as resilience to overcome the trauma and racism they may have experienced. My key aim is to determine suitable interventions that can help to prevent the transmission of intergenerational trauma, as well as generate conversations about the connections between experiences of racism and trauma, and the place of racism in trauma informed care. I have already started the first phase of the project, with the whole programme of research expected to be completed in 2024.


Mu’minah Iqbal is a Research Assistant at the Race Equality Foundation.