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Insights from the Race Equality Foundation’s new Research Administrator

I am thrilled to join the Race Equality Foundation as a Research Administrator.

I first came across the work of the Race Equality Foundation as a parent when I completed the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) parenting programme. I attended both courses: the 6 week online course and the full 13 week in-person course. I was really grateful that the course was offered to both myself and my husband. It was a real game changer and it allowed us to reflect on what it truly meant to parent together. I met two wonderful facilitators, Taquira Wilson and Eleni Bloy, but also fantastic parents with whom I was able to share my experiences whilst learning from theirs. We were all coming for different walks of life and the course bonded us together. If I was to list two key elements I am pleased to have learnt on the course, it would have to be not to confuse empathy with sympathy, and allow your child time to put a name on his/her emotions no matter how big or small.

I also enjoyed a guest speaker intervention by Shannon Hirst at OnePlusOne. Shannon came to one of our weekly sessions to introduce us to a new campaign by The Good Things Foundation designed to reduce parental conflict in front of children. The campaign is called “See it differently” and I would encourage anyone to look at it: https://www.seeitdifferently.org/

Before joining the Race Equality Foundation, I worked in the market research industry for 20 years as a project manager. My main responsibilities were to handle qualitative projects from the set up to the deliverables working alongside the research team. Although I initially worked in the consumer and B-to-B sectors, I moved to healthcare market research in 2007. I find researching various therapeutic areas very interesting and enjoy collaborating with healthcare professionals and patients.

Outside of work, I am a volunteer at HostNation. HostNation is a city and town-based introductory service connecting residents to refugees through small acts of kindness, inclusion and friendship. I was introduced to Aneela last July. She is originally from Pakistan and arrived 6 and a half years ago in the UK. Aneela has two children aged 7 and 9 (same age as my kids). At the beginning, they lived in London which enabled us to meet once a week and introduce them to all the free activities London has to offer. Although Aneela and her family moved to Nottingham in September, I still speak to her once a week and help her with anything she needs help with e.g. finding the nearest food bank, getting English classes, finding out things to do in Nottingham, administrative tasks, etc.

I am looking forward to working with the Race Equality Foundation and assisting the team with their research programmes on dementia and autism.

Raffaelle Convert, Research Administrator, Race Equality Foundation