Published On: 9 December 2022

Right now, in the UK, things such as poverty and poor living conditions are damaging health and wellbeing and cutting lives short. In response to this, The Race Equality Foundation worked with a range of organisations under the leadership of the Health Foundation to develop a collaboration now named Health Equals.

Health Equals is a group of people and organisations who want everyone to have the opportunity for more equal health and wellbeing. By bringing together expertise, influence, and knowledge, we’re campaigning to shape a society where each of us has our best chance of good health, no matter where we’re born, work or live. In the UK, people who live in our poorest neighbourhoods are dying a decade earlier than people in the wealthiest areas. And evidence shows that these health inequalities are getting worse. Health Equals was born out of the need to rebuild foundations to improve life expectancy and reverse health inequalities in the UK. We are a group of organisations and voices across different sectors, including employment, housing, education, and the environment, who all want to make a positive difference to society’s health and wellbeing.

While there’s growing evidence of the challenge, and some action to reduce inequalities, there has been limited take up of policies that prioritise access to the building blocks of good health and wellbeing. Through powerful and evidence-based campaigns, we want to start a conversation about health and wellbeing that recognises the importance of the building blocks of health – and together make sure action is taken to prioritise these in policy, to ultimately create better health for people.

The Foundation are pleased to have worked with the other organisations that have set up Health Equals, bringing a race equality lens to all our discussions and look forward to changing the debate on health inequality and delivering structural change.

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