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Campaigning as an Alliance is crucial for Racial Justice


In the ongoing battle for racial justice, the importance of collective action cannot be overstated. Discrimination based on race and ethnicity continues to be a problem in the UK, and addressing it requires a unified effort. The Alliance for Racial Justice is a coalition of organisations dedicated to tackling the root causes and consequences of racial and ethnic discrimination. 

A Powerful Collective Voice

The Alliance for Racial Justice brings together a diverse group of organisations, each with its own wealth of experience and expertise in addressing racial inequality. By uniting under a common banner, we seek to amplify our impact, gain broader support for racial justice, and advocate for a more comprehensive approach to dismantling systemic racism. Our ultimate aim is to promote racial equality and justice for all. 

The Alliance comprises some of the leading organisations within the UK Black, Asian, and minority ethnic voluntary and community sector. Our collective mission is to act as a powerful, unified voice advocating for race equality issues, influencing policy decisions, and raising awareness about racial inequity. We campaign on areas from criminal justice and education, to housing, health, employment, and political representation.

The Persistent Reality of Racial Inequality

In recent years, awareness of racism and racial inequality in Britain has increased. Nevertheless, ethnic minority individuals and communities in England continue to experience the impact of institutional racism. Barriers range from limited educational and employment opportunities, to reduced access to housing, and poorer outcomes within the healthcare and criminal justice systems.

While there have been notable improvements in some areas, such as narrowing employment gaps between white individuals and those of Black, Asian, and mixed heritage, challenges remain. In-work poverty levels for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals have risen, particularly exacerbated by the recent cost-of-living crisis. The consequences of these disparities weigh heavily, forcing many to make agonising choices between basic necessities like utility bills and food. For those at the intersection of race and class, the challenges are even more daunting.

The Need for Comprehensive Action

The Alliance acknowledges and appreciates the steps taken by the current government to address racial inequality. However, we are disappointed over the failure to recognise the systemic nature of racism. Without this recognition, policies and practices risk falling short of addressing the deep-seated roots of inequality in society. To make substantial progress in dismantling institutional racism, a comprehensive, long-term action plan is imperative. The Alliance is calling for government action and leadership in areas where racial disparities have persisted for generations.

In the past year, the Alliance for Racial Justice has taken a proactive stance on various issues, coordinating open letters to the government in response to critical events like Baroness Casey’s review of the London Metropolitan Police and the Home Secretary’s announcement regarding grooming gangs. With the next General Election on the horizon, the Alliance has also written to Keir Starmer and the Labour Party, urging them to keep the crucial issue of race equality at the forefront of their agenda. Additionally, we are collaborating with the Covid19 Bereaved Families for Justice group, advocating for the inclusion of more families and expert voices in the Covid Inquiry.

Join the Movement for Racial Justice

The Alliance for Racial Justice welcomes new members eager to join our movement for race equality. If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to contribute to fighting for racial justice, consider becoming part of our Alliance.


For more information or to express your interest in joining, please contact Alice Pritchard at or call 0207 428 1882.


The Race Equality Foundation manages the secretariat of the Alliance for Racial Justice, which comprises the following organisations, each committed to the cause of racial equality:

Race Equality Foundation, Action for Race Equality, Council of Somali Organisations, Caribbean and African Health Network, Jewish Council for Racial Equality, BMENational, The Traveller Movement, Black South West Network, Runnymede Trust, Friends Families and Travellers.