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  • 12Jul

    Race Equality Foundation responds to Government consultation on mental health and wellbeing plan

    Organisations across the racial equality and mental health sectors have collectively told the Government there are “significant flaws” in the current mental health pathway, in the Race Equality Foundation’s response to the Government’s Mental Health and Wellbeing plan and call for evidence. The response has been signed up to by: Centre for Mental Health, Friends, Families & Travellers, […]

  • 29Jun

    Race Equality Foundation responds to publication of Covid inquiry final terms of reference

    Jabeer Butt OBE, CEO of the Race Equality Foundation said:  “We’re immensely relieved that the Covid inquiry has been given the go-ahead after months of stalling. It’s equally positive to see that the call we, alongside other race equality organisations, made for inequalities to be at the forefront of the terms of reference has been accepted […]

  • 9Jun

    Race Equality Foundation comments on EHRC report on ethnic minority health and care workers

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published its report on its inquiry into the treatment and experiences of lower-paid ethnic minority workers in health and social care. Commenting, Jabeer Butt OBE, member of the expert advisory panel and CEO of the Race Equality Foundation said: “This report lifts the veil on the bleak experiences of lower-paid ethnic […]

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None of the Clocks Work – How young people, theatre and Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities have come together to create change The Race Equality Foundation’s Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC)

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  • I attended a Drug and Alcohol Education conference last week where there
    was a  discussion about recent research into 'what works'.   Strengthening
    Families scored high for successfully changing lives. I can totally understand

    Sexual Health and Relationships NurseLondon Borough of Lambeth
  • I know I have a really quick temper but I like it here and I am relaxed because it’s interesting and not like school

    Young Parent in Waltham Forest
  • I have circulated Claire’s briefing paper widely and feedback I have had from colleagues is that it is extremely readable and useful…. Our new report on how Carers Centres and Crossroads Care schemes work with carers from BME and seldom heard communities refers to the briefing and Claire was involved as a member of the advisory group. It was great to be able to work together and have the benefit of her knowledge, and ultimately carers will benefit as people working with them will have a clearer understanding of the issues.

    Cath BakerPrincess Royal Trust for Carers, speaking about Better Health briefing paper 20
  • I just wanted to thank you and all your colleagues at the Race Equality Foundation for organizing the After the Riots conference on Saturday.
    It was indeed a great event, inspiring and uplifting. I feel that it was a very creative event offering much to think about. So much care had clearly gone into organizing everything from the selection of the panels to the mix of those who attended, to the excellent catering for us all.
    I am sure you must have all been heartened by the energy and dynamism of the afternoon.

    Meena SharinDelegate at the After the Riots conference
  • Greatly appreciated the level of critical information and strategic discussion linked directly to practical and direct advice and information about action possible.

    Delegate from Exeter JSNA training
  • Thank you so much for the four week parenting course- it seriously works!! If I have another baby, can I repeat the course?

    It really has helped, I have really noticed a difference in our family. Even when problems arise I feel better equipped; I can access my tool box of information to deal with it: I feel calm, and in control and, best of all, confident that I do know what to do. The best thing is knowing that for every behaviour there is a reason; I can rationalise [my daughter's] behaviour. I really feel empowered and able to deal with behaviours that arise- even in only four weeks! (which is how long it takes to change a behaviour- it's true!) The course was so straightforward, uncomplicated and realistic. The advice given is easy to transfer to the home environment- which is all down to both of you being so friendly and approachable.

    This will make you laugh: you have become my driving instructor! I was never a very confident learner driver, but having had a good instructor I felt confident driving, even now I can hear him occasionally in my head when I drive. I know that sounds odd! That's kind of how it is now, when a problem arises with [my daughter] I can refer to you talking us through situations and it helps- thank you!

    CANparent delegate
  • I was referred by my daughter’s social worker because there were some areas I was
    lacking behind in my parenting; my social worker was worried about my daughter. Since
    I started on the course I’ve been gaining loads about how to promote my child’s social
    and emotional development. And it’s really helped me so much. I’m very very
    thankful for these people and our teachers for the support and encouragement through
    these sessions. And I say a very big thank you to everyone.

    Dad from LB Lambeth
  • We have been impressed by your commitment to this project and that you have delivered that which was required within the tight timescales. You rose to every challenge that was encountered and we are therefore grateful to you for the dedication that was shown

    Bekah LittleHead of Programme at the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC)
  • Just a short note to thank you both so much for attending and contributing to the conference last week. It was deemed a great success, and your contributions were a key part of that. The evaluations were excellent, and there was mention of both of you as being a very important part of the event. I hope we can work together again before too long. Thanks a million for your help and support.

    John ColemanUniversity of Oxford
  • I have been meaning to write to thank all at REF for so kindly welcoming our students to the excellent conference and for the opportunity for them and me to gain so much. They were thrilled to be able to carry out so many interviews, listen to and be inspired and challenged by the speakers and engage so fully in the event. It was hugely appreciated by all of us and congratulations on such a wide-ranging and thought provoking event. They also gave the refreshments 20 out of 10!
    With my deepest thanks and best wishes to all. I am especially grateful for the ease with which you all facilitated our involvement and were so supportive to us.

    Martin SpaffordDelegate at After the Riots
  • It was a rare opportunity for me to meet in one place commissioning professionals, procurement representatives and small businesses specialising in providing interpreting and translation services across England. It was apparent that commissioners did not fully understand the procurement role and procurement looked puzzled by the commissioners' approach to the market place. Furthermore, it was obvious small interpretation and translation services providers were dissatisfied with the many obstacles to access public contracts

    Renata TowlsonSpeaking about the In your own words event
  • My daughter (aged 3) slept through the night and went to sleep for the first time in forever without tears. Thank you for your kindness and time.

    Mum in Waltham Forest
  • As a Policy Officer for the African Health Policy Network, I find the Better Health Briefing Papers of great use. They are brief, coherent, logically argued and well-referenced. The range of topics covered by experts in the field are both interesting and contemporary. The policy implications and ways to move forward on the topics in question are made explicit. There is also a real sense that the authors truly understand the issues affecting ethnic minorities in relation to health inequalities in the UK.

    Abdus ShumanPolicy and Public Affairs Officer, African Health Policy Network, speaking about the Better Health briefings
  • I have been accessing the support of the REF since 2007 when I started working on running SFSC programmes. The REF are very helpful, efficient and the staff are great. It’s great to know you can always ring on the helpline number for support. They have worked hard on the support package they offer in the last couple of years and it’s good to know someone will always get back to you if not be able to answer your question immediately. One of the best things about the REF is their vision for the future, commitment to research as well as their drive to support facilitators to use and share best practice. As a facilitator and project worker/Coordinator I feel really supported

    Rachel HornsbySFSC Project Worker, Bath and North East Somerset Council, speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • Before the programme I was under the impression that all that could be done had been done, and that there was nowhere else to turn. But from the guests on the programme and the handouts that were given out I know that there are other services that I can access, like the Family Information Service.

    Parent of child with ASD after SFSC programme
  • I’ve enjoyed coming to this course and always look forward for Monday as new and improved parent techniques were taught. It helped me to calm and control my temper and anger and deal with  stressful situations that sometimes I have to tackle with my child. I’ve liked when parents open up with their family situations and it made me realise that I'm not on my own and I even learned from other parents and prepared me for other situation my child might get to especially when hitting the teenage period. I would recommend this course to every parent and I wish it would be mandatory as it's a good way to learning our day to day basis with our kids. The coordinators were amazing, always listened to our drama and never judged and provide us with nice food and clean environment. Thanks

    Mum from Southwark
  • I found the conference really interesting and well-organised. It was particularly interesting to note the often contradictory narratives in terms of causes. Certain parts of the media seem to want to paint the riots as "race riots" (whereas, apart from the initial trigger event in Tottenham, this doesn't seem to have been the case), whilst at the same time playing down any class/poverty aspects (e.g. the constant reference in certain papers to a "millionaire's daughter" being arrested for looting). I thought it was good to hear the differences between rioting and looting being so clearly spelled out - now that's something I haven't seen in the Daily Mail!

    Adrian JonesDelegate at After the Riots
  • From an equality of access point of view, a very useful set of resource tool kits to help and empower practitioners at all levels gain access to vital information about the health & housing needs of black minority and ethnic communities. We found these briefing papers to have been of particular interest to our Diversity Ambassador Programme, a network of 75 organisations (made up of both voluntary and charities across all equality strands) who advocate and lobby on behalf of their respective minority communities

    Yasir MirzaHead of Diversity at Guardian News & Media, speaking about the Better Health and Better Housing project
  • I thought it was a very good event. Quite thought-provoking stuff from all the speakers. The discussion sessions were also very useful and raised awareness of various key issues relating to housing and its links with health/well-being.The food was excellent too!

    Delegate from Health and Housing Roundtable event
  • REF helped SPAN to introduce SFSC to the South West 6 years ago. They have helped us to train facilitators, set up programmes, deliver peer support, supervise facilitators, chase funding, monitor and evaluate, recruit and retain parents, provided a practitioners’ website, a telephone helpline and invited us to their fabulous annual SFSC conference. Our work in partnership with REF has helped us to establish a network of support for parents right across the South West. With REF's help we have turned parents’ lives around. We are getting the most amazing results with parents, children and schools providing evidence of major improvements in family communication, discipline, engagement in community activities, breaking isolation and parent' progression into further training, volunteering and plans for future employment.

    Annie OliverParenting Support Manager, SPAN, speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • Thank you very much for delivering such a provoking presentation yesterday. You really highlighted the challenges BME women face and the different debates and theories. Your presentation was a real eye opener especially to those who have not considered how the factors you highlighted contribute to disadvantage. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule.

    Kau BellehThe Women's Empowerment conference
  • SFSC is more than a parenting programme. It really made me think about the values and beliefs that exist within my family and what I want to pass on to my children. I'd recommend it to any parent.

    Parent speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • I thought that the training you offered was outstanding, the best I have had in many years, both in content and delivery. I cannot wait to get started – which is good really as the group begins this week!

    Project Manager, Coram Family
  • The programme gave me a lot of confidence in what I was doing already. I was doing a good job – I just needed to maybe do some things differently. The bits on behaviour, praise and positive discipline were really useful.

    #CANparent participant
  • We only worked with you for a short time, but the impact has been more than we expected, and the Race Equality Foundation's support has been very much appreciated. We really hope we keep the good partnership going and achieve more together. We will ensure that we keep in touch, you know where we are and you are welcome anytime to Liverpool!

    Joint organiser of Liverpool Forced Marriage conference


  • "This project has been innovative in many ways. We are proud to be involved with something that has placed young pe…
    2 days ago
  • RT @flourishlives: This looks like such a great and important production! Massive respect to the SFSC team @raceequality and all the teams…
    3 days ago