Response to the Department of Health’s Consultation ‘Making a fair contribution’

Author: Race Equality Foundation

Corporate author: Race Equality Foundation

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: April 2016

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The Foundation has been liaising with the Department of Health’s Recovery Team since late 2013. We, and partners, have raised fundamental concerns about the extended hospital charging regime introduced in 2015; following the 2013 consultation (Sustaining services, ensuring fairness). We are profoundly concerned about ‘Making a fair contribution’ (MAFC), its overall impact and serious flaws in its assumptions, evidence base, principles and a wide range of legal compliance issues. The consultation document states that the Department welcomes ‘responses to all of the questions above as well as any additional comments’ (part 19, page 58). Unfortunately, the questionnaire does not provide a framework for addressing our detailed and substantive concerns. We have therefore taken the decision to divide our submission into two parts, part A of this joint submission makes clear the nature and extent of our broader concerns. Part B responds to the specific consultation questions