The NHS Constitution: Perception, use and value in black and minority ethnic communities

Author: Islam-Barrett, Farah

Corporate author: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: May 2011

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The Race Equality Foundation believes the NHS Constitution is an important development with relevance and benefit to improving the health experiences and outcomes for black and minority ethnic communities. To ensure that it is clearly understood and utilised within the communities we work with, the Foundation undertook a small number of informal pre-workshop conversations with regional black and minority ethnic organisations to ascertain the level of awareness of the NHS Constitution at grassroots level. The overwhelming response highlighted a lack of knowledge but a keen interest in acquiring more information on the NHS Constitution.

Between May and June 2010, the Foundation undertook three regional consultations entitled “The NHS Constitution: what does it mean for black and minority ethnic communities”, and one specialised 2 day workshop for black and minority ethnic children and young people living in inner city London. The consultation workshops were held in London, Manchester and Nottingham and the children and young people’s workshop was held in North Westminster, London.

The purpose of the workshops was to have an “informed conversation” with targeted participants regarding the value, usefulness and reach of the NHS Constitution for black and minority ethnic communities in different regions. Participants represented a wide section of ethnicities, professions, generations and communities and provided invaluable evaluation and feedback.