National BAME Transplant Alliance (NBTA)

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The Stem Cell Registry Alliance has been launched! It is a collaborative effort among stem cell registries in the United Kingdom, Caribbean, and several African countries – including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa – to address the scarcity of black donors on stem cell registries throughout the world.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide live with blood cancers, like leukaemia, myeloma, hodgkin lymphoma, and non-hodgkin lymphoma. Every 20 minutes someone in the UK finds out they have a blood cancer. Around 2,000 people in the UK need a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant every year. This is usually their last chance of survival. In the UK, 80% of African/Caribbean individuals battling leukaemia will not find an unrelated matched donor to save their life.

For Caucasian patients, the situation is the complete opposite; Caucasian patients have a 90% chance to find the best possible match from an unrelated donor.