SFSC in Iran

The Race Equality Foundation has been working for the last 12 months with London based Iranian facilitators and the Charity Iran's Children to establish the Strenghtening Families Strengthening Communities Programme in Iran.
The first stage of this work has seen two facilitators travel to Iran to deliver SFSC programmes.  In the first nine months the chairity had seen 64 individuals receive certificates for completion of programmes in Tehran and 96 receive certificates in Karaj.  Many of these participants were employees of a range of NGOs and from Social Services and Education Ministries, whilst also being parents themselves in most cases.  This has allowed them to effect change in their own families and communites as well as communicate the messages of the SFSC programme widely.  A number of them are also hoping to train as facilitators.
The second stage of this work will see facilitators being trained in Iran and in the UK for more extensive programme delivery in Iran. Iran's Chidlren's Charity are reciopeints of the SFSC international Bursury Award and will be sending some individuals to training in London this summer.  In addition the charity is fundraising to secure the resources necessary for training to take place in Iran over the summer.  The Foundation is now working on powerpoint slides and other materials for the training in Farsi as well as adapting the training to meet the needs of the population in Iran.
Further information on the Iran Children's Charity can be found here http://www.iran-children-charity.org/
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If you wish to find out more about the SFSC International Bursury, please contact Leandra Box.