'Do ads need more ethnic faces?'

Posted on Wed 15 Jun 2011

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With only 5.3 per cent of UK TV ads screened in 2010 featuring actors from black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds, Campaign magazine called on the Race Equality Foundation to provide an 'equalities' perspective on this limited representation in the media.  Deputy Chief Executive, Jabeer Butt said:

"This is a missed opportunity. Estimates of black and minority ethnic communities' spending power start from £15 billion. We also know that men of Indian and Chinese origin have higher average weekly wages than their white counterparts, as is the case for Caribbean women in comparison with their white counterparts.

"Yet this does not appear to qualify them as targets for marketing. A more systematic approach than mine will be needed to prove whether Asda's multi-ethnic ads reflect not only a multi-ethnic workforce, but a real attempt to reach a segment of consumers with specific products as part of an everyday shopping experience."

To read the full article, please visit the Campaign website (registration is free)