• From an equality of access point of view, a very useful set of resource tool kits to help and empower practitioners at all levels gain access to vital information about the health & housing needs of black minority and ethnic communities. We found these briefing papers to have been of particular interest to our Diversity Ambassador Programme, a network of 75 organisations (made up of both voluntary and charities across all equality strands) who advocate and lobby on behalf of their respective minority communities

    Yasir Mirza, Head of Diversity at Guardian News & Media, speaking about the Better Health and Better Housing project
  • I thank you for this succinct and clear view of the issues for this specific body of carers. I have the lead on improving the service response to these carers for a large Shire Council. There are specific issues in a rural community that are unique to that environment.

    This paper has brought together in an accessible and readily available way that I am able to use to support any work that I am consulted upon.

    It has brought together the key works on carers as a whole and the specifics for BME carers.

    I have been able to forward to my colleagues for scoping exercises, I will be able to use this to underpin recommendations on how as a dept we proceed and to keep carers clearly on the agenda. It is particularly helpful to me to have from an authoritative source that the issues in our department are much the same across the country and that the ways forward that we are suggesting are sound and meaningful for those we have yet to successfully reach. I will find that fact that funding does not reflect the duration and commitment that is required for this work to bring forth concrete long lasting results.

    Thank you for this and other briefings: essential tools for practice and development.

    Jane Hurst of Essex County Council, speaking about Better Health briefing 21
  • As a Policy Officer for the African Health Policy Network, I find the Better Health Briefing Papers of great use. They are brief, coherent, logically argued and well-referenced. The range of topics covered by experts in the field are both interesting and contemporary. The policy implications and ways to move forward on the topics in question are made explicit. There is also a real sense that the authors truly understand the issues affecting ethnic minorities in relation to health inequalities in the UK.

    Abdus Shuman, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, African Health Policy Network, speaking about the Better Health briefings.
  • I have been accessing the support of the REF since 2007 when I started working on running SFSC programmes.  The REF are very helpful, efficient and the staff are great. It’s great to know you can always ring on the helpline number for support.  They have worked hard on the support package they offer in the last couple of years and it’s good to know someone will always get back to you if not be able to answer your question immediately.  One of the best things about the REF is their vision for the future, commitment to research as well as their drive to support facilitators to use and share best practice.  As a facilitator and project worker/Coordinator I feel really supported

    Rachel Hornsby, SFSC Project Worker, Bath and North East Somerset Council, speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • REF helped SPAN to introduce SFSC to the South West 6 years ago. They have helped us to train facilitators, set up programmes, deliver peer support, supervise facilitators, chase funding, monitor and evaluate, recruit and retain parents, provided a practitioners’ website, a telephone helpline and invited us to their fabulous annual SFSC conference. Our work in partnership with REF has helped us to establish a network of support for parents right across the South West. With REF's help we have turned parents’ lives around. We are getting the most amazing results with parents, children and schools providing evidence of major improvements in family communication, discipline, engagement in community activities, breaking isolation and parents’ progression into further training, volunteering and plans for future employment.

    We are supporting local authorities with their parenting work, supporting safeguarding boards with their core business of keeping children and young people safe, supporting the legal system and cyps with their efforts to encourage parents to find support. We are enabling schools and children's centres to deliver parenting support and working with partners in the VCS and statutory sector to work effectively with an inclusive, grass-roots, parent-centred approach to improving opportunities for children.

    Annie Oliver, Parenting Support Manager, SPAN, speaking about the SFSC parenting programme
  • We were taught that there was another way that we could teach our son to behave. We realised that in order for our son’s behaviour to change we had to change the way we reacted to him and his behaviour. The programme really worked for us.

    What a parent said about SFSC
  • The classes were excellent. The facilitators ensured that everyone was included. They listened to, respected and valued each person. The sessions were always varied, pacey and interesting. I would recommend this class for every parent.

    What a parent said about SFSC
  • Fantastic course – one I’ve been waiting to come along to for a long time. Exactly the right material – wish it lasted longer as really appreciate the support network too. Great to take part in a multi-ethnic group – very enlightening.

    What a parent said about SFSC
  • The programme has taught me to value the strength of my own upbringing. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in which to share problems and the realisation that I am not alone with my problems.

    What a parent said about SFSC
  • I have learnt to help my daughter with her confidence and self-esteem. And also to appreciate, feel a part of, to join in with and to contribute to the community around her.

    What a parent said about SFSC
  • This was a well planned and informative training, with excellent training manuals and materials.

    What a facilitator said about the SFSC programme
  • I have done many training programmes, but I found this one in particular to be refreshing, inspiring and uplifting. It was empowering for me both as a parent and as a future facilitator.

    What a facilitator said about the SFSC programme
  • I learned that cultural background and values do not always mean the same. I learned that for parents to be able to carry out some of the strategies they gain from the programme, they should also know that “what works for one parent, may not work for another”.

    What a facilitator said about the SFSC programme
  • I have circulated Claire’s briefing paper widely and feedback I have had from colleagues is that it is extremely readable and useful…. Our new report on how Carers Centres and Crossroads Care schemes work with carers from BME and seldom heard communities refers to the briefing and Claire was involved as a member of the advisory group. It was great to be able to work together and have the benefit of her knowledge, and ultimately carers will benefit as people working with them will have a clearer understanding of the issues.

    Cath Baker, Princess Royal Trust for Carers, speaking about Better Health briefing paper 20
  • We only worked with you for a short time, but the impact has been more than we expected, and the Race Equality Foundation's support has been very much appreciated.  We really hope we keep the good partnership going and achieve more together.  We will ensure that we keep in touch, you know where we are and you are wlecome anytime to Liverpool!

    Joint organiser of Liverpool Forced Marriage conference